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    Okay, I’m talking about this again, because it has become a very big problem, not just for me, but for many people.

    You see those pictures up there? That’s me. I’m skinny, yeah. But if you notice, I’m healthy. If you see someone like me and your immediate response is “ANOREXIC!” then you…

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    It hurts on We Heart It.

  4. This is for the girls


    Who are naturally skinny.

    Who always hear curvy is better.

    Who gets called ‘too skinny.’

    Who hear people saying thigh gaps aren’t attractive.

    Who gets told to ‘eat a cheeseburger.’

    Who hear that guys like curves and love handles.

    Who think they aren’t attractive enough for guys because they…

    Sarah Sanderson appreciation post. 

    Hocus Pocus (1993)

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    A lot of dudes think women dress slutty for them, but honestly if men weren’t such fucking animals I would dress 300000% more slutty then I do now. You people ruin everything.  

    I wanna wear this shit outside god damn it. 

    Oh my god SO TRUE. I would constantly wear thigh highs and short skirts and underbust corsets because I look so fucking good. God forbid women like their OWN bodies, too.

    For real !! like 90 % of my fucking wardrobe now is just for cam cause it’s too sexy to wear in public. Fucking bullshit.  I use to wear thigh highs with garters with shorts a lot but I got sooo many comments. Fucking… people. You literally just saw the tops of my thighs. But all the dudes are like ‘Why wear that if you don’t want attention???’ cause i look fine as hell and I don’t give a shit about some fucking random broke ass dudes on the corner. 

    I can’t even express how much this describes my feelings. Bitch I wear my corsets and my fishnets and my heels the size you wish your dick was because they make me feel fucking fabulous, not because I want you to tell me how much you’d like to “smash” me.

    Heels the size you wish your dick was.

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    imageim no hero

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  7. Ahri | League of Legends

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